About Traders Test

What We Do

Traders Test uses cutting-edge technologies and the latest psychometric innovations to identify aspiring traders and to help them better understand their trading personality, motivations and abilities.

We do this through a series of self-assessment and aptitude tests which were built on years of careful planning and research alongside a team of psychologists, psychometricians and financial industry experts.

What You Get

A detailed look at your trader personality

An overview of your top 3 motivators

Accurate abstract and numerical reasoning scores

Our Tests

Trader Personality

Discover your trader personality type and learn which trading strategies have the potential to make you big money.

Trader Motivators

Find out what top 3 motivators you should follow in order to pursue profits in your trading activities.

Pattern Recognition Test

Measure your ability to quickly identify patterns in economic data and to work flexibly with unfamiliar information.

Technical Analysis Test

Evaluate your numerical data interpretation skills and your ability to find trends and predict future movements.

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